Tips for Selling a Home During the Holidays

The holiday season might seem like a less appealing time to put your home on the market (don’t you have enough to do already??) but it can definitely have its advantages—like more serious buyers and less seller competition.

Here are some tips for selling a home during the holidays… while keeping your sanity in tact.

Find a Reliable Agent

selling a home during the holidays means choosing a good agentEven if you’ve used an agent in the past, you might need to keep looking around for a new agent after you ask one imperative question, “How much time will you be taking off for the holidays?”

You don’t want to get started selling your home… only to find that your agent will be away or unavailable for the next two weeks!

Price Competitively

pricing a home competitively when selling a home during the holidaysDuring the hot summer months, you may be able to get away with pricing your home a bit higher in hopes there will be enough desperate buyers willing to pay a little more… but during the holiday or winter season, you’ll likely want to start off at a more reasonable and competitive price tag.

Pay a Little Extra for Pro Photography

using professional photography when selling a home during the holidaysThis really goes for any time of year—high-quality photos sell homes because these days, that’s where most buyers are starting their searches. But it’s especially important during these busier, colder months… your home’s got to really shine online if it’s going to entice buyers to come out of hiding.

Bonus: A video tour is an even better way to give buyer’s an idea of just how great your home really is.

Work on That Curb Appeal

working on curb appeal when selling a home during the holidaysGreat, your buyers got off the couch and into the car… don’t make them balk at the bottom of the driveway because you haven’t tidied up your lawn! Curb appeal matters any time of year.

Just because your yard isn’t quite as green and your flowers definitely aren’t blooming, doesn’t mean you can forgo spending some time sprucing up the exterior of your home. Fresh paint, clean gutters, tidy yard, clear walkways… they’re all vitally important.

Make Your Home Cozy & Welcoming

creating a cozy atmosphere when selling a home during the holidaysBaby, it’s cold outside! Welcome buyers into your home with warm scents (soft candles, holiday potpourri, fresh-baked cookies), cozy feelings (a fire in the fireplace), and maybe a little holiday cheer (hang up the garland).

Decorate… Tastefully

decorating tastefully when selling a home during the holidaysWhich neighbor are you—the one with an entire fleet of inflatable reindeer in the front yard or the one with a 2-foot pre-lit tree hidden in a dusty corner of the living room? If you’re selling, you might want to be neither. A little holiday cheer can go a long way, but you definitely don’t want to get carried away and go overboard.

Be wary of overcrowding your home with large decorations, and steer clear of religiously-oriented themes, instead opting for classic “winter” decor, like pine boughs, garlands, and centerpieces.

Thinking of Selling a Home in the Triangle?

If you’re thinking of selling a home in the Triangle, then it’s time to contact Triangle Experts. We’re here to help you price your home, get it ready to sell, and list it with ease.

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