5 Reasons for Buying a Home in Fall

You’re considering buying a home in the Triangle… but you’ve heard that spring and summer are more the traditional real estate seasons. So maybe you’re hesitating on starting your home shopping, thinking it might be better to wait until next year. Not so! Actually, fall is a great time to buy a home.

Here are five reasons for buying a home this fall.

There’s Less Competition

less competition when buying a home in fallSummer is the “hot” season… which typically means there are a lot of buyers out there house hunting. What that means for you as a buyer is competition… in other words, more chances of getting into bidding wars—or homes you love getting snapped up before you even get a chance to make an offer.

Prices Might Be Better

better prices when buying a home in fallSellers know that real estate quiets down after summer season, so they’re less likely to list their homes at higher, more aggressive prices. They may also be more willing to negotiate, knowing there’s less of a chance of another buyer coming along and outbidding you.

Bonus: Sellers who listed their homes too high in the summer and didn’t get any good offers might be dropping their prices come fall!

Sellers are Eager to Close

sellers eager to close when buying a home in fallFrom end-of-year tax incentives to approaching holidays, there are several reasons sellers are looking for quicker closing turnarounds. Many sellers don’t want the hassle of selling their home (or packing and moving) hanging over them during the holiday season, or are looking to take advantage of tax gains or losses during the year.

The Weather’s Way Better for House Shopping

enjoying fall foliage when buying a home in fallForget touring backyards in the 90-degree heat and humidity and say hello to cooler fall afternoons and evenings admiring a lovely patio or garden. Bonus: you may also get to admire some beautiful fall foliage or even some seasonal home decor.

You Get More Personalized Attention

working with a realtor when buying a home in fallNot that your Realtor shouldn’t ALWAYS be attentive to your needs or concerns, but you’re more likely to get some quality one-on-one time with your real estate team if you’re buying a home outside the busy season, as they’ll likely have fewer clients to divide up their time.

Are You Thinking of Buying a Home in the Triangle This Fall?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in the Triangle, then it’s time to contact Triangle Experts. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover its beautiful communities, and find the perfect home for you.

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